5 directors to direct Oru Korean Padam !!

The movie Oru Korean Padam is making all the top news before the shooting has started. The latest buzz is that five directors will direct the movie and it will be a cluster of short films. Now the news is that the five directors will come together not to direct but act together. Is not it a twist in the tale? May be the production house is playing it as a game and helping the publicity stunts but it is creating all types of eagerness among the audiences. The buzz is that all the directors will play their own role in the movie and they will be directed by another director.

You may be getting confused with all such news. But the latest news is that they all will be directed by Sujith S Nair. The movie is inspired from a Korean movie and will be a suspense thriller. May be that’s why the production house is keeping it secret about the cast and crew and also the director. The shooting locations for the movie are decided in Trivandrum and Munnar. Some parts of it will also be shot in Korea. Let’s wait and watch what more is on offer.

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