Aashiq Abu and Rima Kallingal marriage by next year

Director Aashiq Abu and actor Rima Kallingal in conversation with a leading women’s magazine have revealed their plans to get married by next year. Rima is a state award winning female actor who had earlier hinted of being in a relationship with a person not from her actor fraternity which left people guessing the identity of the man.

The rumors about their affair and marriage have been flying around for some time. Aashiq, a relatively silent man, finally came out into the open and declared his love for Rima. He even updated his Facebook status. Aashiq also said that he has no reason to be secretive about his marriage and will declare it as soon as it is confirmed. Rima also confirmed the status of their relationship and has said they have plans to marry soon, maybe by next year.

Their relationship started during the shooting of ‘22Female Kottayam’ after which they were spotted together a number of times, thus confirming rumors. The movie also helped change their lives giving Rima a boost up in her career and a number of awards to her name.

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