Ali John and Anoop menon team up again for Circus

They delivered a memorable hit recently in the form of the movie ‘Hotel California’. We are talking of the young director Aji John and Anoop Menon. They have decided to take the collaboration forward as they believe that they can churn out one hit after another. Having that hope in mind, the duo of Aji John and Anoop Menon have teamed up yet again for the movie titled as “Circus’. Anoop Menon will be the scriptwriter for this movie. It can be broadly classified as a movie within the genre of a social satire. Aji John has been in the industry for a while now. He has tasted success but nothing on a grand scale. His earlier films include Nallavan and Namukku Paarkkan. He will be earnestly looking forward to having a blockbuster to his name with the movie – ‘Circus’.

The movie has taken an interesting turn of late. Meera Jasmine will play the role of the lead actress in the movie. For those not in the loop. Meera was discarded from the cast of one of the recent movies of Anoop Menon.

It has been reported that the shooting for the movie will begin in the month of October. The movie will be filmed across nine locations.

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