Amala Paul and AL Vijay Heading to Los Angeles to celebrate New Year

It may be a known fact that actress Amala Paul had recently got married to AL Vijay, a director of the Tamil Film industry. But, is it known where the couples are going to spend their New Year’s Eve? Los Angeles! Yes, the celebrity couples are indeed planning to start the coming year with a whole lot of romance and thrill. And what indeed could be a better New Year’s destination than the City of Angels.

The actress mentioned that after she spends the Christmas celebrations at her home, she and her husband AL Vijay will be heading to Los Angeles on the 29th of December. After a few days, they will then go on a trip to Canada as well. The actress is really excited about the trip. She also mentioned that last year she had spent her Christmas and New Year’s eve in Rome and those were some of the most memorable days yet.

Lets all hope that the hot and happening couple of the South Indian film Industry have some of the most amazing experiences and enjoy their trip to the fullest. They have our best wishes and lots of love from their fans.

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