Anjali bags big role in Gabbar Singh sequel

The Telugu actress Anjali has been on news as of late for her hiding act, but she has also been in the news for another reason. She is going to be romancing with actor Pavan Kalyan in the sequel of the movie, Gabbar Singh. Her recent act did not convince anybody in the movie industry, since most people thought that she would not be getting any good chances in future projects, but she has actually shocked a lot of people by landing such a big role, and opposite such a big actor. This was certainly a shot from the dark.

According to the reports, Anjali is going to be playing the second female lead role in the sequel of Gabbar Singh, opposite Pawan Kumar. Samantha is going to be playing the first female lead. There were rumours earlier on that Kajal will be playing the lead role in the movie, but Samantha is the one who is currently being considered for the role. Gabbar Singh was quite a hit, which is why the sequel is being made. The sequel is going to be directed by the reputed director Sampath Nandi and the movie is going to be produced by Sharath Marar under the Pawan Kalyan Creative Works banner.

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