Bhavana denies marriage rumors

Wedding rumors are a common thing in the film world. For some months now Malayalam actress Bhavana has been in the center of marriage rumors that claimed the actress will be getting married in January of 2015.
But now Bhavana herself has come out to put all rumors to rest. Last week she posted on her Facebook page, “Dear media friends, I hear a lot about my wedding off late. Lemme clear it off that its my elder brother who is getting married in January, 2015.. Some of my media friends and well wishers seem to be confused with this. Tired of answering individually to all those phone calls im getting regarding this:)My marriage can wait, lol.. I will definitely make an official announcement before I tie knot.. After all who else would I be keen on informing than my dear friends here. Thank you!”
Bhavana is rumored to be in a relationship with actor Anoop Menon but both of them has denied it and claimed they are just good friends. Back in July, Anoop Menon had also rubbished the rumors and had said, “I may get married by this year or it can happen after 5 years, it is all upredictable for now.” The two of them has acted together in films like ‘Angry Babies’ and ‘Trivandrum Lodge’.

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