Biju Menon and Kavya Madhavan stars in family entertainer “Onnum Mindathe”

The team of Biju Menon and Kavya Madhavan has found avid following in the Malayalam film industry. Their last release was Gaddama in 2011 where Kavya won admiration of fans as well as a few awards for her acting. The couple paired up with their next project, Anju Sundarikal. It is to be released shortly. Now it is known that the super hit couple has taken up another project, Onnum Mindhate.

The film which is expected to start rolling in November and released in the summer of next year, is directed by Sugeeth while the story has been written by Rajesh Raghavan of the Three Dots fame. The story is realistic and focuses on family dynamics. Biju Menon plays an agricultural officer; Kavya is his wife and the mother of a six year old. It is a happy family with plenty of love between husband and wife. The film revolves round an unexpected incident that occurs in this family. According to director Sugeeth, the story of the film is simple, but it will appeal to every family because it realistically deals with problems which can arise between any couple.

It will be interesting to see this hit couple paired up for the family story.

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