Buddy malayalam movie: A Heartwarming story

Buddy is a Malayalam movie directed by Raaj Parbvathy Menon. This is a story of friendship that is certainly going to steal the hearts of everybody who watches it. The movie has been produced by Augustin Jackson and it will feature Anoop Menon, Srikanth, Bhoomika, Balachandra Menon, Babu Antony, Asha Sarath, Arun Midhun and Mithun Murali. The post production work of the movie is almost complete, so the movie is expected to be released quite soon!

Raaj Parbvathy Menon has had the script for the movie ready for the past five years and the movie is finally going to be released this year. Buddy is the story of a real life bond shared by a son and a father. Anoop Menon is going to play the role of a 17 year old who is carefree and does not worry about the future. This movie is going to be a social drama with some heartwarming moments and some really good lessons as well. This is one of the best movies for you to watch with your family this summer.

The movie revolves around the life of Manikunju, who lives in Ooty with 4 friends and maintains stable relationships. Vishnu, a 17 year old student enters his life. But Vishnu has some hidden motives. How will Vishnu’s presence affect their life and what happens to all the friends? That is the basis of the story.


  1. Nikhil says:

    Saw teh film Buddy.
    Parakkothara padam.
    Oru kadhayumilla. Tanthayillatha oru chekkanu randu thantha, randu thalla !
    athil oru thantha chavunnu, oru thalla yum chavunnu! matte tahnthayallatha thantha makane eettedukkunnu.koode bakki vanna thallayum.
    Edakku kurachu thanthakku viliyum teriviliyum vellamadiyum, coat ittu nadappum !
    100% WASTE PADAM.
    Anoop menonum kure pennungalum, avarkku chuttum kure kadhayilla kadhapatrangalum !

    ethedutha debut directorekkal adhehathinte achane janangal prakeerthikkunnathu theatre muzhuvan kelkkamaayirunnu !
    Dayavaayi pooyi kandu kashu kalayu. Ethu mattoru new generation teri padam ! A waste movie whic hshould not have been made.

    Shame on you Anoop Menon.

  2. Prathab says:

    Fresh theme in malayalam,But the film copy from hollywood movie “THE KIDS ARE ALLRIGHT”

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