Crayon: A social Movie by Sajnilal

After making some successful serials and TV ads for television, the director Sajnilal is now planning to venture a new movie “Crayon”. Dealing with some contemporary social issues, the movie has started rolling in Thiruvanathapuram. Boban Alummoodan and Master Dhananjay will play the lead role of “Crayon”.

The film is targeted to the young generation parent and deals with the subject of giving freedom to the children. This freedom makes a true bondage between children and nature. This is a really a good concept for children instead of captivating them inside the four walls. The story of “Crayons” revolved around the life of two young couples; Simon and his family and an IT professional Prakash and his wife Anamika. The story is presented in a very neat and delightful manner with a perfect blend of humor. The song sequences of the movie are presented very nicely.

Script for “Crayon” is written by Faiz. The screenplay is also handeled by him along with K.V.Anil. Ravishankar set the music for the movie while lyrics are set by Chunakkara Ramankutty and M K Sreekumar. “Crayon” will be released in summer from the production house of Dr.Faiz Aseez and Saneena named Dream Desert House. This film will be shot at Thiruvanthapuram and some other local places.

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