Dhanush Obsessed With Pudhupettai?

Selvaraghavan directed ‘Pudhupettai’ starring his brother Dhanush was a huge hit in Tamil filmdom. It was a significant chance for Dhanush as he acted alongside renowned actresses Sneha and Sonia Agarwal. Most importantly, his acting was greatly appreciated by critics, with the film earning a commendable sum of 2.755 million rupees in just three days. The music was outstanding as well. Composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, it was absolutely loved by people. Yuvan had worked with Chao Phraya Symphony Orchestra in Thailand to come up with the charming tunes.

It seems Dhanush is being nostalgic. He enjoyed playing ‘Kokki Kumar’ to such an extent, that he desires to do a sequel to the movie even before any of his other films are released! What caused this? As Dhanush says, he managed to take some free time off his tight schedule, and sat down to watch ‘Pudhupettai’ on a local TV channel. Soon , the memories of the good old days came rushing back when he saw himself as ‘Kokki Kumar’ on the screen. And that was it; he openly requested someone to write a script for the movie’s sequel and fulfill his dream to star once again in the Tamil gangster film.

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