Dhoom 3 Bollywood movie review

The third installment of the action sequence Dhoom got released today and before release only the movie created lots of buzz and news. Finally the movie got released today and till evening the reviews were quite mixed. According to experts the movie is a visual delight and has an emotional side to it attached. Some believe the movie lacks the imagination and shows sign of franchise fatigue. As far as the main leads are concerned Aamir khan plays the role of a villain, Katrina Kaif is his lady love and the usual cop Abhisekh Bachhan and Uday Chopra. Aamir khan plays the role of villain and nail it perfectly whereas Katrina impresses everybody but don’t get enough scope to perform.

Dhoom series has never been a movie with strong script or interesting story line but the cation scenes, bikes, foreign locations, hot girls and top music has always been the trademark with this franchise. But this new series has an interesting story line and this is what enchants the audience, add to it the skill of Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan. He plays every role to the bets of his ability no matter what shade the role demands, always smooth, at ease and perfect. Katrina is bold and beautiful in the movie but her role isn’t that meaty in the movie. Abhisekh Bachhan is as good as Cop Jai Dixit.

Aamir Khan play’s the role of Sahir whose father is a magician played by Jackie shroff. He is one of the reputed magicians of Chicago Circus and shows different tricks and plays. He wants his son to learn few tricks and become a famous magician. But somehow some members get him killed and sahir, Aamir khan grows to take the revenge of his father’s murder. For some purpose Aamir starts to tob all the money from circus owners which were deposited in Chicago Bank. Aaliya played by Katrina Kaif is his lady love, helps him to rob the bank. They both worked for the same circus group. Then come the entry of ACP Jai Dixit along with inspector Ali portrayed by Uday chopra. The story moves around this story and what led to murder of Jackie Shroff and whether Aamir is successful in taking the revenge or not.

The third version of the Dhoom Sequel is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya and is produced under the banner of Yashraj Films. This was amongst the most anticipated movies of the year and the tagline rightly says “the year will end with a dhoom”. Aamir khan plays a different role in the movie and this is what creating lots of queries amongst the movie fans. The movie released over 4500 screens in India and 700 across overseas. The movie has lots of added features apart from the stunning bikes, good songs and other actions. The Aamir Khan factor adds more to the franchise.

If you are a diehard fan of Dhoom series then you will surely love it. The music has been good as earlier and other technical details are just perfect. Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif took special lessons for aerobatics and French technique of parkour. So this weekend take a pack of popcorn and enjoy the sunflowermaids.com website with your dear friends or family members. The movie got much good story line compared to previous versions and that’s what makes the movie much more special. Mr. Perfectionist spellbound everyone with his acting skills and everyone will mark him in a negative character this time. The movie will rightly create dhoom and enchant every fan, now the only expectation how quickly it touches the 100 crore club or some new record in the making?

Rating : 3 /5

Verdict : Above average

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