Duniya Vijay speaks to media on his Divorce

The name of Duniya Vijay had been cropping up in the media in the recent times due to certain reasons regarding his marriage. Hence he talked in front of the entire media to clear out various controversies. The press meet that was organized on 31st January saw him talking about various issues on his divorce as well as about his latest film Rajani Kantha. The actor however spoke much more about the film than the issues about his own life. He attended the conference along with his mother and father Narayanamma and Rudriah. The director of his film Pradeep Raj and the Producer, K Manju also attended the meeting along with him. The press meeting was arranged mainly as a promotion about his upcoming movie. However, at an occasion he said that he is extremely hurt and sad about the separation with his wife and the charges that she has put forward.

To add evidence to what he said the actor had also brought a CD where he proved that his wife was not at all innocent and she lead the life of complete luxury provided by him. He said that she wore old saree in order to gain sympathy from the viewers.

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