Ethir Neechal review

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Priya Anand, Nanditha

Direction: Senthil

Music: Anirudh Ravichander

Production: Dhanush

Siva Karthikeyan, the comic hero, is the lead in Ethir Neechal. This movie is his first solo venture as a hero. He plays the role of Kunjitha Patham, a really unlucky man. He is really shy because of his name, which he hates. He changes his name to Harish. He meets Geetha (Priya Anand) and he realizes that there is something in this world that he is actually interested in. He thinks this happened because he changed his name to Harish. When Geetha realizes his true name and his really careless, don’t-care attitude, she makes fun of him. He decides to prove his worth by participating in the Chennai Marathon. Till the first half, the movie seems like a normal romantic movie. Boy meets girl, boy tries to prove his worth to girl, etc. But the second half of the movie becomes very intriguing with the introduction of Valli (Nanditha), a struggling athlete, who turns into Siva Karthikeyan’s trainer for the marathon. Does he win the marathon? What does Geetha think of him? What happens to Valli? That is the story of the film.

Director Senthil is very clear with his plot and his emotions. Each character is well sketched and there is significant amount of character development in the movie. The second half is really different from the usual rom coms as well. Valli’s character and story is inspiring and really touching. The actors have done a really good job- their roles demanded them to be mature and they really stepped into the characters shoes. Shiva Karthikeyan has proven that he can do much more than comedy.

Priya Anand is beautiful in this movie. What is really admirable about the script is the fact that even the extra characters, such as Nanditha’s father have been given importance. The inclusion of Dhanush and Nayanthara in a cameo role in Sathiyama Thevai Illai is really refreshing- that is really crowd pleasing. The movie is really strong, the marathon has been directed well and the meaning of the story is really clear. This movie has a loud and clear message, acted out by some really good actors as well.

Verdict:Above average, A movie that will entertain and touch every member of the family

Rating : 3/5

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