Fahad Fazil, Prithviraj coming together?

If the reports are true then two powerful actors are coming together. Malayalam stars Fahad Fazil and Prithviraj are slated to appear together for the upcoming movie Ivide. The movie will be made by director Shyamaprasad. As per reports, the director has met both actors already and has finalized a deal. As per the buzz says Shyamaprasad is very happy to have his favorite actors Prithviraj and Fazil on board. The director has entrusted Ajayan Venugopal with the script of this forthcoming Malayalam flick. The female lead role will most likely be played by Nyla Usha.

Fahad Fazil has previous experience of working with Shyamaprasad in the movie, Artist. On the other hand, Prithviraj worked with him in the movie Akale. Both movies were well received and earned the actors praise. As a result, huge expectations are building up this time for this movie . Ivide is schedule to take off in October of 2014 and will be shot in New Jersey, USA. It will also be filmed in English. The movie is in the genre of crime drama. Meanwhile, after the success of 7th day, Prithviraj is looking forward to projects like Picket 43, Tamaar Padaar, etc. On the other hand Fahad Fazil will be seen in Bangalore Days, Iyobinte Pustakam etc.

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