Fahadh Fazil and Mrudula Murali together in Ayal Njanalla:

The actor tuned director Vineeth Kumar is going to venture his new directorial debut. The title of the movie is Ayal Njanalla, where Fahadh Faasil will be seen as male lead role. The script for this movie is written by director Ranjith. Mrudula Murali will do the female lead along with a new face Divya Pillai, who has also a very prominent role in this movie. The director of Ayal Njanalla, Vineeth Kumar confirmed the news. Vineeth was working previously as an ad film maker. This experience of ad film direction will help him a lot to deliver a good directed movie from his bag. And it will help him to learn the process of filmmaking also. Shamdat is the cinematographer of the movie and Manu Ramesan is the music director.

The storyline of the movie is about a Gujrat settled Malayali family. The plot is ful filled and romantic. In the film, the hero Fahadh is shown as someone who is Malayali and settled in Gujrat for last 15 years. For the tyre business, many people have to migrate to North India from Koyilandi. The hero is here one such person. No more details of this film are disclosed till now.

Akshat Singh, the 7 years boy from India’s Got Talent fame will play an important role in this movie. Ranji Panicker, Joju, T.G Ravi, Chemban Vinod and Dileesh Nair will play the other roles in Ayal Njanalla.

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