Fourth part of Nadodikkattu malayalam movie?

In a national daily newspaper famous actor and screenplay writer of Malayalam fil industry Sreenivasan clarifies that right now there is no plan for the came back on screen as a part of Dasan Vijayan pair. Dasan- vijayan are the comical characters that come in many Malayalam movies as a pair. According to this mature actor who is a director also, Dasan- Vijayan pair will not be matched with the current trend of Malayalam films. So, it would be impossible to re-create the magic like previous. But at the same time, the actor also said that he would definitely do the character of Vijayan, if he gets the sincere approach with sensible script. As per the actor said in the interview, he thinks that there is limited scope to act in a remake or sequel of a popular movie in present days. So, this plan is somewhat mismatched in preset scenario. As per him, newer ideas along with fresh experiments are only needed to do a good movie.

It was rumored that the actor quit the Dasan- Vijayan pair because of his cold war with the super star Mohanlal. But Sreenivasan denies the rumor and said he has no issue with Mohanlal. If he is offered with sensible script, he will surely do projects with his old friend and co-star Mohanlal. Mohanlal also clears it before that there is no cold war between him and Sreenivasan.

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