Gamblers malayalam movie by Salil

The recent movie in the Malayalam industry is action thriller named Gambler. The movie will be directed by Salil and will feature Actor Narain in the lead role. The movie is believed to be a action sequence and consist of lot of actions and other related scenes. The director has directed the lead hero get some of the body fitness done as it will need some hectic actions and sequences. The movie basically deals with gambling and the effects of such things. The shooting of the movie is expected to start on next year and will be releasing later next year.

The story features five characters and the main plot revolves around those characters only. The movie shows the effects of gambling and the consequences which it may lead up to. Even there are some sequences where there will be some intense drama and also features one veteran actor of the fraternity. Actor Prathap Pothen features in the movie and he will play an interesting role in the movie. The final casting is not complete and is believed to be completed soon enough. The expectations are high from the movie and the concept sounds interesting. You can expect some good movies coming your way.

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