Gamer a suspense thriller

The upcoming movie in the Malayalam film industry is named to be Gamer which is a suspense thriller and filled up with all the interesting moments. The movie is directed by MR Anoop Raj and the story revolves around a mystery and with point in time the whole mystery unveils and you can get an emotional side attached with it as well. There are three friends in the movie named Omar, Allu and Surya. Some day they meet up an old man and a young girl. They carry on unless they all discover they are all a part of game and each individual are playing game on their part. So this makes the whole thing quite interesting and at last you could discover the main reason behind all those.

The movie concept is quite good and the director said this will be the best reason why audiences will go and watch the film. According to him when the script and try is good and also have bunch of good actors you can expect something really good and this is the case with this movie. The movie is all set to be produced under the banner of Black Panther Productions and music by Shaheen Abbas.

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