Gautham Mohan’s Happy Birthday malayalam movie

Debutant Gautham Mohan is ready for his upcoming directorial venture ‘Happy Birthday’. This Malayalam movie is a fantasy and has a touch of romance too. The lead roles have been given to Asif Ali and Janani Iyer . The actors chosen for the other prominent roles are Rohini, Nandu, Vijay Menon, Jinu Joseph and Prathap Pothen. The dialogues have been written by Rajeev M Philip, while Rohit Panikker has penned the story. Prasanth Pillai is responsible for creating the soundtrack.

Taking inspiration from the Hollywood film ‘Groundhog Day’, the plot of the movie sounds quite interesting. It is a fantasy and has elements of both horror and romance. The story is centered on a young man who ends up entangled in a time loop. On his 26th birthday, he lives the same day many times but in different ways. How he gets to live the same day filled with endless possibilities forms the gist of the film. The movie is not just an entertainer, but gives the valuable message of self-improvement. It conveys the message that self-improvement occurs by interacting with others, rather than just focusing on oneself. Janani will play the love interest of Asif Ali. The filming is expected to begin in March this year.

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