Godse: Shyju Govind’s Black Comedy

Debutante director Shyju Govind would be starting work on a black comedy very soon. Titled ‘Godse’, the movie features Vinay Forrt in the lead role. The plot is based on ‘Gandhimargam’, a short story by TN Prakashan. Vinay plays Harishchandran, who is an alumnus of School of Drama. This is another role that would prove Vinay’s versatility. The talented actor plays a thief in ‘Njan Ninnodu Koode Undu’. Contrastingly, he plays an internationally reputed psychologist in ‘Rosapookkalam’. While Aparna Nair will don the roll of a theatre student. Her interesting costumes will be an entertaining aspect of the movie.

Harishchandran is dramatist, who is least interested in living a normal life. He lives life his own way, until comes a turning point that forms the crux of the movie. Fate forces him to host a show called ‘Gandhimargam’ in Akashwani. The show is based on Gandhian principles and this particular incident significantly influences Harishchandran. It makes him think about how his own ideologies are different from those of the real world. Another important part of ‘Godse’ is the narration of social and political situation in the 90s. Events like the demolition of Babri Masjid and demise of Rajiv Gandhi have been shown. The filming will be done at Thalasserry, Thrissur and Kozhikode.

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