Hansika denies marriage plans

The media was buzzing with the news of romance between Simbu and the Dream girl of the South, Hansika. After rumors had been flying around a lot, the couple finally confirmed that they are seeing each other. The actress tweeted, “Been hearing to many rumours abt my personal life, so jus wana clear.yes!I’m seeing Str:)n hence I wouldnt like 2talk abt my personal life.” While Simbu was being diplomatic till now, he too came out in support and wrote, “I think some of the media should calm down and stop giving false information Abt my personal life. Yes I’m am with hansika and right now she is doing really good and marriage will b decided by our family … Hope u will respect our privacy.”

However, the 22 year old busy actress has no plans to get married – not for at least another five years. In an interview to an English daily, she said, I am just 22 now, marriage has a long way to go. I am so overwhelmed by work that I barely have time to think about personal life. I don’t have plans of getting married for the next five-six years.” In fact, it may not even be to Simbu. She said, “Nobody can predict what will happen in the future. I don’t know what might turn up in five years.”

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