Kamal Hassan plans to act for another 15 years



Kamal Haasan is considered as one of the best actors in Indian cinema and has reached almost a living legend status. The ‘universal star’ is currently in his 60’s but still has desire and fascination for doing versatile roles. Recently while talking to the media in Mumbai, Kamal Haasan appealed to the young film writers to write suitable scripts for actors like him.

Giving a slight hint that there is scarcity for good stories, the three time national award winner said, “Young writers are busy scripting for young heroes, gen X stars. I’d urge them to write stories for actors like me too. I’m going to act for another 15 years.” Kamal also shred an interesting thing that he always had problems dealing with ‘age’. He said, “When I was five-year old, I wanted to look like twenty-year old. In my twenties, I wished to be in forties. When I finally became a man, I wanted to look young to do various roles. I now hope to be in my twenties.” He also expressed his love for filmmaking, “I always wanted to be director. But it’s my guru K. Balachander sir who said I’d be good actor and pushed me to continue in this. Later I became star but I have never given up my penchant for direction.”

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