Kichcha Sudeep And Kumar to work Together

With the announcement that N.Kumar will be producing , distributing and exhibiting a film which will be donned by Kichcha Sudeep as director and hero of the film , fans all over have concentrated their attention to the announcement . Following this Yograj Bhatt declared that he wanted to pay his his debts to N Kumar and Kari Subbu , the producers of his initial two films Ranga SSLC and Mani . With the changed equation Sudeep finally agreed to work under Yogaraj Bhat , keeping in mind the probable budget of the classic combination of Sudeep and Bhat . Kari Subbu and N Kumar also announced to produce the film jointly . With everything going smoothly Bhat started to write the script . Soon the combination is reluctant to hit the floor for shooting as they are not convinced with script set by Yogaraj Bhat . The producer of the film stopped the joint venture and immediately announced a film which will be directed by Sudeep and acted by Kichcha Sudeep .

For few the means of the film industry is an unanswered question and for some the equations are crystal clear , all depend on which side of the river the person is standing .

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