Mahadevu’s son Manu Godwa marries Nuthana

The son of a producer  Mr.B.Mahadevu (who produced blockcusters like Chingari )Manu Godwa tied his knot with Nuthana on Monday and their reception was held at GangayyaThimmaiah Hall in Basaveshwaranagara in Bangalore on Sunday.Nuthana is the daughter of Mr.Mohan Kumar and Smt Pushpa and Manu Gowda son of Smt Shyla and the senior producer Mahadevu BM tied their knots forever happily on Monday.The reception on the evening of Sunday saw many stars coming in and greeting the newly wed couple.Top actresses of the industry like Benko Sri,Prema,Sa Ra Govindu,famous cameraman JG Krishna,Teju of Mari Tiger and Chingari,Sri Raghavendra Chitravani,s PRO Venkatesh,Manu-R Manohar,H.Vasu th derector and many other celebrities attended the ceremony.People saw many entertainments just what is expected of a star or a celebrity marriage.Among those entertainments,the very popular and famous playback singers and the winners of the state award Hemanth and Nanditha sang a few melodious tracks dedicating to the happy moment and wishing luck to the newly wed couple for their future.Everyone seemed to have enjoyed the celebration and the breathe taking tracks which had set the mood.

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