Mandodari will feature Mammootty as a wrestler

Mandodari is a Malayalam movie that is going to feature Mammotty, the vetern Malayalam actor, as a wrestler. The movie is directed by KP Suveeran, who is currently riding a high after winning the National Award for “Byari”, which was his directorial debut. Suveeran is going to be basing his next directorial project on “Mandodari” a short novelette written by author NS Madhavan. The novelette and the movie are based on a story from the Ramayana. The movie is going to focus on the life of wrestlers in Goa- this is going to be the setting for the story and the movie.

Mammootty is certainly a busy man because of the number of movies he has lined up for this year. He is going to begin shooting for this movie only from the first quarter of 2014. Till then, Suveeran is going to be busy directing a youth oriented movie, where the lead actors are all youngsters. This movie of his is based on the Ramayana. A man kidnaps a beautiful lady, much like Ravan kidnapped Sita. Mammootty is going to play the lead role in the movie, a role which has a lot of characteristics of Ravana.

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