Mohanlal In Padmakumar’s ‘Kanal’

It seems Mohanlal and Padmakumar like revenge centered drama. After thrilling the audience with ‘Shikkar’, this actor director pair is back with another such film. It is reported that Padmakumar has signed Mohanlal for his next project titled ‘Kanal’.

Though the director has announced ‘Kanal’, the cast hasn’t been fully decided yet. The filmmakers have given the public a peek into the plot. It is centered on the life of two men, who are surrounded by people seeking revenge. Moreover, the filmmakers need some help from the public. One of the chief characters would be played by Mohanlal, but the other one is left for the public to decide. They have asked people to suggest an actor whose pairing with Mohanlal would look splendid on the screen.

This upcoming flick would be crucial for Padmakumar’s career. The director has had to suffer a series of flops– ‘Polytechnic’, ‘Thiruvambadi Thampan’, ‘Orissa’, ‘Ithu Pathiramanal’ and ‘D Company’. But what gives the director hope is the one past project that was immensely successful. The action thriller film ‘Shikkar’ was released in 2010. Starring Mohanlal, it went on to become the second highest grossing Malayalam movie of the year. Mohanlal is now ready to don another role packed with action.

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