Mohanlal plays double role in ‘Kamamohitham’

Mohanalal fans would be delighted to hear that their hero would be seen in a very fresh role in an upcoming flick. This film is a Malayalam-Sanskrit bilingual film! Mohanlal has played challenging double roles in ‘Udayon’ and ‘Ravanaprabhu’.

‘Kamamohitham’ has been adapted from the story of the same title, written by the famous Malayalam author CV Balakrishnan. It would be a Harihardaz directorial. He says that the film narrates the story of Jaajali – a sage who attempts to understand the science behind love. Mohanlal will don the role of this sage. His second role would be that of Sagaraduthan, a landlord. In the film, Mohanalal tries to transmigrate to the body of this landlord. The personalities of these characters are east and west. So this gives Mohanalal a very good opportunity to flaunt his acting skills.

The director further says that he had earlier planned to make the film in just Sanskrit. ‘Kamamohitham’ is set in the era when the primary language spoken by people was Devanagari. This is why Sanskrit has been featured on the film. But Malayalam was later added to the film, so that it would reached more audience. Right now, the scripting is being done in Sanskrit.

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