Mohanlal To Act In Director Binu’s Film

Director Binu S has signed Mohanlal for his upcoming film. The director himself revealed this while giving an interview to Malayalam Daily. He also said that he is almost finished writing the script for this new venture. The director and his team are waiting for the actor to complete his current project. The shooting shall begin as soon as Mohanlal is free. The director said that he is waiting for Mohanlal’s dates. According to what the recent reports say, Mohanlal is running on a tight schedule. This year, the actor would be working to complete the delayed projects from the last year. Moreover, he has several new movies in 2015 to keep him pretty busy.

The young director Binu S made a grand directorial debut with ‘Ithihasa’. The Malayalam comedy fantasy was released last year. It had Anushree and Shine Tom Chacko in the lead roles. The plot was quite entertaining, as it showed body swapping between the two lead characters. Shine, who plays a petty thief, has his body swapped with Anushree who plays a software professional. The film turned out to be a sleeper hit. It was loved by the audience and critics for its thoroughly enjoyable comedy. It was deemed one of the best comedies the film industry has offered in recent times.

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