Mumbai Police review

Mumbai Police is certainly one of the most interesting movies to have released this year. It, very cleverly, makes use of a non- linear narration and a smart plot line to keep the audience glued to their seats for the entire duration of the movie. The only drawback of the movie (which might actually be a huge critical plus point) is the fact that the ending of the movie is not meant to be crowd pleasing. There are a lot of people who have deemed the ending to be unfavourable. But besides that ,the movie has everything a thriller should- a tight screenplay, good sequencing, good editing and amazing direction.

Mumbai Police shows that it is possible for directors to move away from the same old thrillers which showcase the hero’s bravery or intelligence and move on to something that is more realistic and smarter. The story deals with Anthony Moses, a man suffering from Amnesia, as a result of an accident. Before he acquired amnesia, he was working on a murder case. His colleague, Aryan, would have been murdered. It is up to his friend and colleague, Farhan to fill him up on the case and the development that Anthony had made on the case, so that they can get to solve the case. Anthony had just found the killer- minutes before the accident. Will he able to trace his life back and find the killer a second time? That is the whole point of the movie.

Prithviraj excites the audience in his role as Anthony. Rahman’s role as Farhan is brilliantly written and played as well.

Negative aspect of the flick comes at the climax .

Rating : 3/5

Verdict :Everything seems to be good . Expect the climax



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