Nayanthara’s ‘Night Show’ Changed To Maya?

Nayanthara is playing the chief role in her upcoming horror movie. Until now, this movie was called ‘Night Show’. But sources say that the filmmakers are planning to change the name to ‘Maya’.

Nayanthara and Aari are playing the lead roles in this horror flick. Since the beginning of the project, the producers were determined to create a film that was centered on the female character. They signed Aari for the film as they were impressed by her performance in the 2014 Tamil release ‘Nedunchaalai’. The actress was praised for her outstanding acting. The director Krishna had made the project a challenging one for the actors as he wanted them to say the dialogues spontaneously; he used to explain every scene only on the day of the shoot and this wonderfully brought out the natural acting skills of Aari.

It is said that some people might think ‘Night Show’ to be a softcore film, thus having a negative impact on its success. The filmmakers have therefore changed the title to ‘Maya’. This title is quite suitable as ‘Maya’ means illusion, and the ghost in the movie is also an illusion. But there are rumors that the title might be changed again if the creators find a better name for this upcoming horror.

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