Next movie for the Pizza director

Following the success of his movie, Pizza, Karthik Subbura has declared that he is going to be directing another movie, with actor Siddharth as the lead character. His next venture is going to be produced by Kathiresan, the man behind Aadukalam.

Pizza was a huge success and it was one of the best movies of the recent times in Tamil cinema. It provided one with all the elements of a commercial film and it will extremely thrilling as well. The movie was not just a crowd pleaser, it even won the hearts of the other people in the film fraternity, because of the story and the direction being so dynamic and different. Karthik Subburaj is happy with the success of the movie but according to him, the next movie will belong to a different genre.

He intends on juxtaposing his next movie with Pizza and go for a different genre, in order to make his next movie different. The next movie is going to be a bi-lingual one, releasing in Tamil and Telugu. The film fraternity and journalists are still waiting for further news about the next movie. Kathiresan, the producer of the movie, is currently making Dhanushs Naiyyandi. The sequel for “Pizza”, a movie called “Villa” has been affirmed. Villa is going to be directed by Deepan Chakravarthi.

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