Orissa malayalam movie review

Director:  M Padmakumar

Cast: Unni Mukundan, Sanika Nambiar, Kaniha, Thanusree Ghosh

Director Padmakumar and writer G S Anil venture into the story of how women in the state of Odisha are living in unfortunate circumstances where they have to live a life of serfdom. The film is set in the 80s and starts with a Malayalam police constable Christhudas (Unni Mukundan) being posted from Kerela to Orissa. He has been assigned to look after the security of an Odiya girl, Suneyi (Sanika Nambiar) whose mother has been shot dead by the local villain(Nigel Akkara). Before she is forced to be a devdasi, the two fall in love with each other despite the different backgrounds and try to run away from it all.

The movie is visually very appealing with wonderful locations and brilliant cinematography by Vinod Illampally. But the script fails to attract any long lasting attention. The film is slow and starts dragging after a point of time. There are a lot of flashbacks and so the movie keeps going back and forth with a lot of scenes in the narrative not making much sense. The dialogues are also not impactful. The climax is a letdown and the songs are the only saving grace which blend into the script.

On the other hand, the performance by the actors is worth mentioning. Unni Mukundan looks good in the movie and has done a good job with the role and does well with the voice modulation as a narrator. This is Sanika Nambiar’s debut movie where she looks pretty and is impressive for a first time in terms of performance. But together they fail to show any on screen chemistry. The other actors are average. Overall the movie has beautiful locales which are unexplored and a lot of color and traditions of Orissa which are appealing to watch, but in terms of cinematic entertainment, it fails to impress.

Rating : 3.5/10

Final word :  Below average , Recommended for one time watch

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