Pizza Telugu movie review

Pizza is a very simple story revolving around the lives of Anu, who is an ambitious horror novelist and a guy called Michael who happens to work as the pizza boy. These two people are very much in love with each other. However, problems start arising in the due course. While delivering pizza one day, Michael faces a series of events and incidents which are enough to change his entire life course. The entire story describes what these incidents are and they change Michael.

In this movie nearly all the actors and actresses have performed really well. The character of Michael is played by Vijay Sethupathi. He has clearly done justice to the character. Director Karthik Subbaraj has shown great skills and developed this character very well. The character of Michael is easy to identify and becomes very much realistic. Anu’s character is done by Remya Nambeesan. She has acted quite moderately. However, touch ups were needed in her makeup. The chemistry between the two characters could have been a lot better. Adequate requirements between these two people were off.

Technically this film has been great. The sound effects have gone perfectly with the visuals. Together they give the audience a haunting feeling that will make one feel goosebumps. The film also shows some beautiful works in terms of cinematography and the screenplay. With some gripping dialogues the narrative of the film looks complete. This shows that as a director Karthik has done a very good job.

All in all, the entire movie is quite engrossing and entertaining. It might be one of the most exciting thrillers in the recent times. The screenplay of the movie, although slow at first becomes fast paced and abnormally gripping in the latter half. Hence, it becomes a fun to watch and forms a great climax towards the end.



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