Pranitha all set for second Tamil Film

After being the best heroine in the Kannada film industry, Pranitha is now all set to step towards acting in the Tamil films. After her commendable performance in Saguni the actress now wants to go for fresh films in the Tamil industry. It is being said she had earlier made several attempts to launch herself in the Tamil movies. However, when she failed in her attempts to perform as lead actress, she decided to make her appearance as supporting heroines in the films. The actress is showing great interest in playing the second roles in the movies which have popular actors in the, she is going to do films under the big banners.

This move has been seen as the newest strategy that has been adopted by the heroine. She wants to rule the film markets of Tamil Nadu and Kerala simultaneously. The actress has great self confidence and has a far-fetched sight of portraying herself on the silver screen. The actress has vehemently claimed that she will only be acting as supporting heroine on the films which will be produced by the leading crews.

Her fans have given her all the support and hope to see her in a brand new role in the Tamil Movies.

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