Rafi and Mecartin go separate ways , Rafi’s next project with Dileep

Rafi and Mecartin have been directing films for Malayalam cinema for over 17 years and the audience has loved their outstanding jobs. Together, they have directed 23 films, many of which have been hits and super hits. Some example of the films of this director duo are ‘Puthukottyile Puthu Manavalan’, ‘Superman’, ‘Punjabi House’, ‘Thenkasipattanam’, ‘Chathikkatha Chanthu’, ‘Pandippada’, and ‘Hallo’. They have also written the script for several films including Aniyanbava Chettanbava, Pulival Kalyanam, Mayavi, Adyathe Kanmani, The car etc.

In the November of 2007, Mecartin suffered a heart attack which was almost a near death experience for him. In an interview, Mecartin said that it was from this time that he got an urge to do different types of films. “Today, people expect a Rafi-Mecartin film to be a melodrama, quarrels between family members, and slapstick comedy,” said Mecartin in an interview. “But today, I want to make serious films. Yes, I am aware that I have to make the movie in such a way that the producer does not lose money, and the audience should also like it. But Rafi is not keen to do such films.”

So, after a day long discussion, the friends decided to part ways. Unlike what the media reported, it was a completely amicable parting. Mecartin decided to go a new way and Rafi accepted his decision. Media reports said that they had a falling out after penning the script of China Town, but both the friends denied such rumors.

Rafi is all set to start a new venture with Dileep as the hero. The film will also be scripted by Rafi himself. It will be produced by Vyashakh Raja under the banner of the Vyashakha Cinemas. Mecartin has not yet decided on a project.

We are looking forward to more hot films from both these directors in the future.

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