Rajendra Prasad- Actor and Singer?

Rajendra Prasad is playing the lead in a movie called “Noothilo Kappalu”. The tagline of the movie is ‘Paiki Raavu, Raaniwavu’. The movie is being directed by the debutant director, Chanti Jnanamani, and it is being produced by Poonati and Vinay Sreenu under the banner of Pote Star Pictures. The movie has already been shot and the post production work is currently been going on. Rajendra Prasad is not just acting in the movie, he is also going to be singing. He has lent his voice for the song “Thagithe Okka Chukka” in the movie.

According to the producers, Rajendra Prasad’s song is going to be the highlight of the movie. The movie focuses on the current situation of the society, which has been showcased in a very witty and satirical manner. The audio for the movie will be released sometime by the end of April and the movie is going to be released in May. Rajendra Prasad is going to be getting a completely different look for this movie, and according to the Director, the dance to “Gangnam Style” will also be used to entertain the masses. Along with Rajendra Prasad, Jayaprakash Reddy, Manoj Nandham, Thagubothu Ramesh, Bharath, Vijay Sai, etc form the rest of the cast members of the movie.

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