Ringmaster malayalam movie review

Writer and director Rafi has teamed up with Dileep, one of the most dependable stars to bring the audience, the movie Ringmaster. As expected, this one is a mass entertainer full aimed at giving everyone a good time. The posters of the film created interest as the hero was paired with some lovable dogs. Now it has to be seen whether the film turns out to be interesting.


Dileep plays the central character Prince. The female leads are Diana portrayed by Honey Rose and Karthika played by Keerthi Suresh. Other cast members include Kalabhavan Shajon, Mohan Jose, Sai Kumar and Aju Varghese.


Taking after his father, Prince becomes a dog trainer. One of his trained dogs Diana is selected for a movie. The heroine of the movie is also named Diana who is actually the former lover of Prince. This creates chaos and other characters also get involved.


The cast delivers a stellar performance lead by Dileep. Two heroines play their part well. Shaojon’s comic timing is a treat. Special mention must be made of the canine actors. The dogs have made this movie even more watchable than it actually is. The trainers must be given due credit. Rafi’s direction is also decent though medical marijuana same cannot be said about his writing.


There is no real story in the film. It relies on solely on the dosage of laughter. On deeper thought The plot actually looks quite silly. Dialogues are often not up to the mark.


Above average entertainer,This is not for those members of the audience who love realistic cinema. The purpose of this movie is to make people laugh which it does.

Rating- 2.75 / 5

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