Samuthirakani’s next film to be titled as Kitna.

The South Indian director Samuthirakani’s is ready to start his next film named Kitna. Sources says, that audience will find him acting on his own film, and he will begin his work from the month of October. The movie is shortened from the word Krishna to Kitna.

According to Chennai Times, the director is now busy to complete all his acting assignments. He says that the film is very special to him, as its presentation will be in four different region in four different season. Like, one shot is taken in an area of on pouring down of rain, whereas the other in windy area. The fire background will be introduced in the climax, which excites the actor-cum-director.

Dhansikaa has been confirmed to play a role, including himself, Amala Paul, and a guy from Kannada, named Yogi, whom he met in a shooting floor, in Kollywood, during a Kannada film. But when he was asked about the content of the film, he says that what else it can be other than concerning with people’s welfare, and the alleviation of sufferings. He also added that like his other films, he will try to exaggerate on its extent to which something matters.

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