Shivaraj Kumar, Radhika Kumaraswamy’s Next

Shivaraj Kumar is known as the hat trick hero and the famous par alongside Radhika Kumaraswamy as they are pairing together after eight years. The movie is all set to move around brother sister sentiment. According to the producers the movie is named as Bangarada Vamsha. Both the actors have vowed the audience with their onscreen presence and they are good enough for their role that they portray on screen. However there are many other facts which will be seen and it is good to see the pair together. There is much hype that circles around the characters and there are lots of good reports coming out as well.

When both the actors were contacted both were seen happy and excited about the movie. Both t actors are quite famous and have a fan following of their own. Hope their onscreen presence woos the audiences once again and they get to see the pair once again onscreen. Everyone is hoping the new movie is also a hit and the pair continuous with their hit machine. All the earlier movies worked for 100 days and this was found to be a hit as well. Let’s hope the movie comes out good and gets good response.

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