Signal malayalam movie: A thriller for the youth

Signal is a new Malayalam movie that is going to be directed by Devakumar. The movie is going to feature some young brigades and it is going to be released sometime in the third week of May. This is going to be a campus movie aimed at the youth, but it is also going to be a thriller at the same time. According to reports, this is a movie that also has a lot of social lessons to teach. The cast of the movie includes Shakthi, Ramis Raja, Vidyashree, Adhithya, Sasi Kalinga, Sivaji Guruvayur, Lishoyi, Biju Chalakudy, Jeevan, Nanda Kishor, Haridas, Sunil Surya, Suhail and many more.

According to to Devakumar, the movie is going to explore the dynamics between parents and teenagers. He explores the world of teenagers, where the parents provide the teenagers with a lot of freedom, bordering on negligence. It talks about the effect of parents’ careers on the children’s lives. This movie is going to be a must watch for the teenagers, youth and their parents. The movie is slated to be released by the 3rd week of May.

The movie is being produced by Suman Kottekad, under Talent Movies banner.

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