Sudeep to star in Chimudevan’s movie

Chimudevan is all set to direct Vijay’s 58 and a lot of speculation has been generated about the casting in the fantasy film on the part of both the Tamil and the Kannada fans. The greatest buzz surrounds the speculation that Kiccha Sudeep will appear in the film. this has now been confirmed. The rumor mills are going strong that the sandalwood superstar will be playing the role of Guru portrayed by Illyathalapathi. This places him on equal footing with Vijay who will be playing the disciple. The film revolves around the clash of philosophies and ideologies between the guru and the disciple, but unlike other wars, there are two winners in this war.

The shooting of the movie is scheduled to start in September as both Vijay and Sudeep are busy with their own shoots. Meanwhile Deepika has turned down the offer made to her. The lead female role will be played by Shruti Hasaan who has been paired with Vijay. Hansika Motwani has been cast opposite Kiccha Sudeep.

Talking about his role in the film, Sudeep said, “It is not a period or historical film… but a fantasy film, which is a new genre for all of us in the team. Every subject has a bright and a grey shade. One reason why I agreed to do this project is that Chimbudevan didn’t approach me looking for a villain. He’s done a good job with the characterization,”

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