The Sandalwood Industry Looking Forward To The Comeback Of Master Anand As A Comedian

Actor-Director H. Anand of the Kannada film industry is still known as Master Anand for his popular role as a child actor in the 1990’s.He first appeared in the popular Ganesha series .later he acted in several films like ‘Parichaya’, ‘Jyestha’, ‘ Rani Maharani’, ‘Subha Lagna’, ‘Chinna’, ‘Muthina Haara’, ‘Hushari’ etc. He rose to fame with ‘Friends’ which was a big hit.

Recently he started working as a director in tele serials like SSLC Nan Maklu. He is now thinking of coming back to the sandalwood industry not as a a hero but a comedian. He said in an interview that popular comedians like Sharan and Komal Kumar has opted to be heroes rather than comedians .So, he feels that there is a crisis of good comedians in the industry. That is what makes him think of joining the industry again as a comedian. He has admitted that he had already heard a couple of scripts and if everything goes well,he will be seen acting in those films. Hope everything is fixed up so that the sandalwood industry can again get back a good actor like Master Anand.

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