Thira malayalam movie review


In this movie Shobana plays the role of a reputed cardiologist who saves the young girls and women’s from trafficking and there by rescues them from illegal works. She acts as a shelter for all of them and protects them. In the movie her role is named as Rohini Pranab. Her husband is a famous journalist and he dies suspiciously in the police custody. The story revolves around all such things. Though the script was fair enough but the movie did not satisfy the audiences. They were failing to create the impact in the audiences find though some situations were worth seeing.

The main concept of the movie is human trafficking and is an important subject with the how to find wedding rings The movie could have been much better and when you have an actress like Shobana you can utilize her with best possible way. The subject is heavy and involving the different conspiracies around such human trafficking. There are some other characters also in the movie but none of them created a good impact on the audiences. Though the subject is serious one but it failed to involve anyone in the subject. Shobana was splendid as usual and you can watch it for her sake.


  • Direction by Vineeth Sreenivasan
  • Performance of Dyan and Shobana
  • Music

Rating :3/5

Final word : Above average , Worth for one time watch


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