Third World boys: a malayalam movie without a heroine

Malayalam moviemakers have experimented with a number of unconventional and creative plot ideas from time to time, but the latest film titled Third world boys is attempting something that has not been done before. This is a film without a female lead! Though women will be appearing in supporting roles, there is no heroin. Instead, the movie depicts the life of seven friends who go for a weekend trip from High End to Kochi. The subsequent events and their influences make up the rest of the movie, but by no means is it a road film.

The film is being directed by debutante director duo Ayyappa Swaroop and Shahaladharan Sasidhar. According to the directors, this is a cult movie with an unconventional plot. It is neither a road movie nor a family entertainer. The film is being produced by Little Big Cinemas and the camera is wielded by Sunoj Velayudhan – another new face. French musician Thomas Simoes has composed the music while Prince Anselm handles the audiography.

Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese, Soubin Shaheer, Shine Tom Chacko, Wilson Joseph, Sudhi Koppa and Premjith appear in the leading roles of the movie. It is scheduled to be released at end November of this year.

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