Tini Tom and Jyothi Krishna in Avicharitha malayalam movie

Shanavas will debut as a director with the movie Avicharitha. Tini Tom and Jyothi Krishna will be cast in leading roles for the movie. The movie revolves around the life of Ajay Balu (played by Tini Tom) who happens to be an established entrepreneur of great repute. He has been granted everything he could wish for except a child. This has greatly anguished his wife Charulata. This gradually estranges them. In comes Rihaana (played by Jyothi Krishna) who happens to be a nurse at a hospital. They fall in love inevitably. As a testimony of their undying love, Ajay built a mansion for Rihaana. Their love gets deeper with each day and soon Rihaana bears Ajay’s child. Ajay decides to give her shelter in his mansion. They avail the services of a cab as Ajay’s car gets punctured. The cab driver Thampuran (played by Manikandan Pattambi) is glad he bagged passengers for such a long distance. He also expresses discontent as some people have cheated him and not paid rent. Meanwhile, Vijayendra Singh (played by Anil Anto) is travelling to Ajay’s mansion to meet him and get some documents signed. This is where the climax occurs. The three meeting at Ajay’s mansion lead to some unprecedented incidents. The shooting of the film is on its way at Kodungalloor.



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