TSN involved with the movie Vasundhara

TS Nagabharana is a well known Kannada Director and he is quite famous for making some high quality films that are certainly worthy of accolades. He has made “Kamsale Kaisale” and now he is back with a brand new project- Vasundhara.

Vasundhara is supposed to be indicative of Mother Earth. He has invited Rajesh to play an important role in the movie. There is a high chance that this is going to be a woman oriented movie because of the fact that the name of the movie is a woman’s name and it is the name for Mother Earth. TSN is a well renowned director and his movies do have positive messages, so there is a high chance that this movie would also go the same way. Along with the veteran actor Rajesh, actress Aishwarya Nag is expected to play lead roles in the movie. R Nanjappa and Naginibharana are going to be the producers of the movie. The rest of the cast has not been selected yet.

The music for the movie is going to be scored by Stephen and the camera work is going to be handled by Ananth Urs. A lot of expectations are riding on this movie, mainly because of TSN’s involvement in it.

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