Unni Mukudan in Last Supper Malayalam Movie

Unni Mukundan is enjoying a good time at the box office. The posters of his upcoming release, Samrajyam 2 which is a remake of the old Samrajyam played by Mammootty have already got fafvorable reviews. Now, he has embarked in a film with an unusual plot. The film is titled the Last Supper. It is directed by Nikhil – a newcomer in the industry. This full time humorous entertainer is being produced by S George under the banner of Sin Sil Celluloid. Music of the film is composed by Gopi Sunder while the lyrics have been written by Rafeeq Ahamed. The camera is wielded by Ajayan Vincent.

The plot of the story revolves round three friends. Unni Munkundan plays the role of Alby – a computer hacker who works in the police department. Sreenath Bhasi plays the role of Imran Khan who is a cinematographer while Berly plays the role of a channel producer. The three friends embark on a strange and mysterious journey. As they proceed, certain unforeseen events occur and these completely change their lives. The rest of the film revolves round what happens after this and several intriguing scenes carry the plot effortlessly forward.

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