Vikram’s I Tamil movie review and rating

Kollywood has come up with an amazing blend of concepts for the audience. Produced by V. Ravichandran, ‘I’ is a science fiction romantic thriller. Shankar has directed the film, while A. R Rahman has created the soundtrack. V. Srinivas Mohan has created the visual effects through Rising Sun Pictures. A large part of the film has been shot in China, while filming has also been done in Chennai, Jodhpur, Bangkok,  Kodaikanal, Bangalore, Pollachi and Mysore.


Amy Jackson plays the role of a model called Dia. Vikram is seen in the character of Lingesan, who reveres Arnold Schwarzenegger as his role model. Suresh Gopi would appear as a doctor. The other characters have been played by Upen Patel, Srinivasan, Santhanam, Mohan Kapoor, Ramkumar Ganesan and Ojas M. Rajani.


The movie begins with an Lingesan  (Vikram) kidnapping  Diya  (Amy Jackson). Audience is then taken to a flashback that reveals the series of events that led to these unfortunate circumstances. Lingesan  is an enthusiastic bodybuilder. The only aim of his life is to become Mr. Tamil Nadu. But he gets distracted from this ultimate goal when he falls in love with the ravishing model Diya. But it is only after he falls in love that he realizes that she is a well known personality in the modeling industry. Complications arise and Diya begins to lose her stellar career. She is on the verge of failure when she tries and convinces Lingesan to try his hand at modeling. Lingesan agrees to his ladylove and enters the world of showbiz. He changes his name to Lee. Their love blooms and they start making plans for a bright future. Things seem splendid initially, but there is a twist and everything goes wrong. Lingesan is deprived of all the glamour and is surrounded by misery. Though his dreams are shattered, the remaining part of the movie shows what he does to attain what he wants.


Amy Jackson has done a commendable job as a glam doll. Everything- from her excellent acting to her riveting looks- is just perfect. Amy sets the screen ablaze with her dashing style and of course the romance that follows. She has been paired with Vikram and the two are a great match. Vikram’s handsome physique and his role as a bodybuilder is very praiseworthy. The two have shared an impressive onscreen chemistry and their love, as it gradually grows, sets a romantic ambience. Vikram has played a role that changes drastically with time. First seen as a stunning model, his other role of the sinister hunchback shows the versatility of the actor.

Another significant aspect is the soundtrack created by the maestro Rahman. The melodious music is truly pleasing to the ears. Moreover, the songs have been made even better with the pretty picturization. The filming in China is fabulous and the beautiful scenes go very well with the equally beautiful songs. The New Zealand based renowned company Weta Workshop has worked on the makeup and the background arts, and that says it all! The special effects are mesmerizing and a significant positive point of the movie. 


There are moments in the film, when the viewers can predict what is to come next. . Some of the scenes lack vitality, and it feels these could have been simply removed.


Above Average movie , Worth watching

Nowboxoffice Movie Rating : 3.75/ 5



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