Vinay Forrt in Godsay malayalam movie

Vinay Forrt is known for trying out new roles. As recent reports say, the theatre artist-turned-actor will show his talent in a black comedy called ‘Godsay’. The film is based on ‘Gandhimargam’- a story by TN Prakashan. Sherrey, the director of the Adimadhyantham, has written the screenplay. Other than Vinay, Aparna Nair will have a prominent role in the film. She would appear play a theatre student.

Vinay has even revealed his role in this upcoming film. He would be seen in the role of an alumnus of the School of Drama. His character called Harishchandran has his own way of life. He doesn’t like to live a normal life, but then comes a significant turn of events. Situations force him to host a show in Akashavani. The program called ‘Gandhimargam’ is based on Gandhian values. This show then deeply inspires Harishchandran. He then realizes the difference between his own ideologies and those in the real world. The actor admitted that this would be the most challenging role of his career so far. The film is centered around the political and social scenario of the 1990s. Incidents such as the demolition of Babri Masjid and demise of Rajiv Gandhi will form a part of the film.

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