Vishwapooram 2 to be released in March

The sequel to the movie Vishwapooram is almost ready and will be launched in March. The movie is completely written and produced by Kamal Hassan. The earlier version of the movie was a big hit and there was lots of hype encircling the movie. In some states the movie was even banned, however after few days the ban was taken off. The movie has some intense content in it and likewise the earlier version there is much hype with the sequel as well. If sources are to be believed the first copy of the sequel is already ready and some editing are going on.

However when Kamal Hassan was contacted for the details hardly much information was revealed. It’s quite understandable being the producer he will be keeping all the detail to him but do added that everything regarding the movie will be revealed in a prèss conference. Rahul Bose is playing an eminent role alongside other important characters in the movie. The movie has always been in intense topics and same with this sequel as well. The movie is made around global terrorism and there is much hype with the movie. There are lots of expectations with the movie and hopefully it comes out good.

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